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Developmental Toys for 3-6mo Old Babies
Last updated December 12, 2022

Did you know that you can help your baby learn and grow from the moment they’re born? Actually, about 85% of your child’s brain development occurs before the age of five years old. In this review, I’m sharing some simple yet effective play activities for your 0 to 3-month-old baby, that will help support development and allow you to form a deep connection with your newborn. Before we begin, I just want to say that I liked to include a range because while each month technically has its own developmental milestones, every child grows and develops at their own pace, so if your baby is on the younger end and not yet responding to some of these activities just yet, don’t worry; they will come in time. That being said, if you do have any concerns about your child’s development at any time don’t hesitate to speak to your pediatrician about it.


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1. Activity Play Gym

The first one we have is an activity gym or a play gym, and it's great for developing motor skills because it’s really stimulating, and you can get a lot of playtimes. What I found is that it's really important to get one where the toys are low enough. At this stage, a child starts to put things in their mouth to help with exploration, so this play gym really stops my daughter from getting fussy if she can't put one of those toys in her mouth because it is low enough. It is also great for tummy time and to help strengthen those neck muscles. My baby rolls onto her tummy and she gets very excited, she just loves it. This is a really great one and I would recommend it to anybody.


2. Crinkly Books

Crinkle books or even crinkle toys, in general, are great to touch, they're great to chew, and these books start developing that love for reading. So the different tales in this book in particular have different textures and the pages make a rustling sound. It's really great to see babies get excited or my daughter got really excited because her actions were causing the sound, and I and my husband just love these because it is a real distraction for her. It's brilliant.


3. Tag Blanket

Our daughter loves these tag toys or taggy blankets, whatever you like to call them. They are really lightweight and this one, in particular, has a teether as well, which is a nice addition around this age. The little tags really intrigue her and she pulls them or chews at them as she does with everything else right now. I know some babies use this as a comforter and some people wear their taggy under their clothes to make it smell like themselves and make it even more comforting for their baby. They are especially great for distracting our daughter when we're changing her nappy and she isn't really in the mood for it, so it's definitely a must-have.


4. Silicone Sensory Balls

Sensory balls are a brilliant opportunity to encourage your child's fine and gross motor skills. They are great for concentration, hand-eye coordination, tactile awareness, visual tracking, and more so, I would really recommend these. Because of the textures and the designs of the ball, it makes it really easy for your baby to grip on. There are even parts that they can put in their mouth as well. It's definitely one of those toys that she will just play with for a very long time.


5. Fabric Sensory Ball

Fabric sensory balls. This ball has eight different sensory effects including squeakers, rattles, crinkles, and paper. Your baby will just love it. These types of sensory balls help babies develop their gross motor skills and it's easier to grab because of the little sections, so the ball doesn't roll too far, which is really good when your baby starts crawling, too. Mine isn't there yet, but when she is it'll be really nice to have a slow-moving ball so she can go and try and catch it.


6. Mesh Bag

We actually use these mesh bags to organize all of our daughter's toys but of course, a baby would rather play with the packaging than the toys inside so even though we didn't intend for this to be a toy, she has actually really loved them. So, I thought I'd include them in here anyway because as we were typing this, she's decided to take the mesh bag instead of playing with the sensory balls. These are really lightweight anyway and they provide a different sensory sensation. She loves them which is the main thing.



Hope you liked any of these ideas and if you end up trying them out, all of the links are included, so you can buy any of the toys that you’ve liked today.

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