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Freshest Blogs

Disappearance of Toys R Us still haunts toymakers

Just last year, a kid in the market for an Uncle Milton ant farm could choose from a half dozen versions, including glow-in-the dark or an ant village. Now there are only three. Last year, there were 60 kinds of K’Nex construction sets on the market. This year there are 20. A year after Toys R…


The Future of Play: Appeal to Millennial Parents with Eco-Friendly Toys & Games

Millennial parents want the toys and games their children play with to be more eco-friendly, reflecting their values to live more sustainably, according to an in-depth report by The Toy Association and ProdigyWorks. The report, “Toy Manufacturing and Retail Solutions – the Future,” provides ideas on how the industry can capitalize on the changing marketplace, and appeal to…