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At FiddlePiddle we help businesses to be more successful. We improve their sales, and generate extra exposure. Above all, we work together to turn interactions into success with lasting relationships.

Securing your partnership with a few easy steps

Register on FiddlePiddle to be our Vendor.

Setup your store, add your products and shipping fees.

Marketing begins, and customer buys your product.

You get paid, and ship the product to the customer directly.

Sell Online with FiddlePiddle

It’s free to join. We do not have monthly charges or annual fees.

More Info

Create Your Vendor Account

Register to become a vendor partner. Once submitted, validate your account with a confirmation email that you will receive. Check your spam box if you did not receive it.

Setup Your Store and Add Your Product(s)

Once you receive the confirmation email, your Vendor Account is approved. You can then login to your Vendor Dashboard to setup your store. From the SETTINGS page, add your company logo, banner and description. You can also start adding your product(s) from the PRODUCTS page. For the image size of your logo, banner, profile picture and product images please go to here.

Add Shipping Rates

From your DASHBOARD, click on PRODUCTS to edit each product separately in order to enter their shipping fees for each country. Please do not forget to save all your work. Click here for more shipping related questions.

Accept Orders and Shipping

You will receive an email notification when there is a sale in your FiddlePiddle store. From your Vendor Dashboard click on Orders, scroll down to see Ordered Product to View Order Details, Shipping Label, Order Note, Tracking Number and Mark Shipped options. Do not ship the product until we approve. Click here for more order related questions.

Get Paid

We will send you the payment for each sale using PayPal (We take 5% as commission from each sale). You will have the customer’s shipping information in your Dashboard. Once you received the payment you can then ship the product. Be sure to add the tracking information to their order from the dashboard.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we list our products on FiddlePiddle as well as on other marketplaces? – Yes, this is a non-exclusive agreement
  2. Is listing free on FiddlePiddle? – Yes, you won’t pay anything until your item sells
  3. What sales price should I enter for each item? –  Enter your normal retail price
  4. Cannot find what you are looking for on this page, email us here: hello@fiddlepiddle.com

Sell Online with FiddlePiddle

It’s free to join. We do not have monthly charges or annual fees.