Do you know why Disney is one of the largest, most powerful companies in the world? It’s because their business model centers around children. New parents are made every day with the birth of their first born and they’re looking for content, products and services for their lovely children.  Toys have always been one of the best ways to keep children engaged and teach them the valuable skills which will service them well in life. New toys are being developed every year just to satisfy the growing need for our growing population.

Toys come in all sorts of complexity and anyone can being their ideas into reality by combining easily accessible tools/platforms such as 3D printing, outsourcing, Kickstarting and more.

So what do you do after you create the next best toy? Well if you were Lonnie Johnson (inventor of the Super Soaker) back in the 90s you would have had to find a toy manufacturer and distributor to put their money behind your product, which in Lonnie’s case, made $200 million in 1991 sales ALONE!

But we’re lucky, now days it is extremely easy to build a working prototype and sell it online.. or is it?

Imagine having to create an eCommerce website with the payment, customer service and marketing (SEO, PPC, etc) infrastructure to support it, all just to sell your toy? GEEEZ!

Or what about selling on eBay or Amazon? 3 problems – Listing Fees, Membership Fee, NO DIRECT PAYMENTS!

There is one more option –  –  a global online toy marketplace, where people come together to sell, buy, and collect toys.

Fiddlepiddle doesn’t have any listing fees, and you get paid immediately upon the sale of your toy.

We work very hard to make it easy for entrepreneurs to market their products, and for consumers to find the best toys no matter where they are located.

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